Super Ted – The Search for Spot!

What is this?
A fan made side scroller shooter made by Mikael Persson (know as Hipoonios) using Backbone in just three weeks!

This is actually Mikael’s first game he released. Mikael made some small games in AMOS when he was younger, but has never released anything in the past. Mikael is really happy to finally release a game for 2014. He also mentions that he may do more games in the future.

This game was planned to be released sometime in the beginning of 2015, but got finished much faster than originally planned.

System requirements:
It should run on any Amiga with at least 2 MB of RAM. A 68030 processor or better is strongly recommended. Yep, even simple games like this require a fast Amiga because of Backbone. UAE users should untick “Cycle Exact”. That will help a lot!

You can check the gameplay video and see how the game is suppose to run when you run it on a fast Amiga or WinUAE with correct settings.

Most of the graphics, sound and music in this game are not made by Mikael. Mikael used graphics and music from various games such as, Lemmings, Zool, James Pond II, Baby Jo and Kid Gloves II. The cutscenes are images ripped from the real animation and converted to 32 colors.

If you want to send feedback, have problems with the game or have ideas for future games, then you are welcome to contact Mikael on his email (remove_cheese)

Download: SuperTed_2014_Hipoonios.adf
Download: SuperTed_2014_Hipoonios.lha

Enjoy Life, be kind to others.

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