AmigaOS 4: Fractal generator Fractals For SketchBlock 1.5

Andy Broad has released version 1.5 of his commercial fractal generator plugin for Sketchblock. Changes in this update:

  • Theming: if SketchBlock Lite has been purchased from AmiStore, Fractals For SketchBlock will adopt the current theme
  • Smoothing: Iteration based colouring modes can now be smoothed, given even transition between colours
  • Repeating Palette Mode: This new colouring mode uses one colour from the palette for each iteration step, giving greater control by allowing the user to create there own colour transitions. Works best with longer palettes with gradual colour changes (unless you want a stripy look :-)

Users who have already purchased a previous version can download the update for free from the website or the Amistore.


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