Retro Super Robot Rampage / Vortex

[youtube cictUOfIJwA nolink]

Retro Super Robot Rampage is a game that combines elements of two genres: arcade and action. The mode is single player and the goal is to move onto as many possible levels and get the highest score by killing the enemy.

The story is about a little robot who is trapped in a dungeon and drawing attention to dangerous enemies of the deep. You will have to survive the waves of monsters stalking and kill as many as possible.

Our little hero robot will act as a weapon to defend against waves of enemies with a cannon that can shoot powerful fireballs. However, the enemy will try by all means to prevent the robot from moving forward and attack him with everything they have. Our protagonist will have a maximum of 6 touches before being defeated. On each level there are enemies of various kinds, which must be defeated  to move onto the next level. If you lose the game and have to start all over again.


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