Large number of APX software and manuals available on Atarimania

APXBack in the day, Atari has a division called Atari Program Exchange (APX) that distributed user-written software for the Atari 8-bit family of home computers through a quarterly mail-order catalog until was shutdown in 1984.

Some time late last year Atarimania’s users Allan and ballyalley decided to make a big purchase of over 40 original APX titles in order to scan the manuals and make ATRs of all the disks. Some of the disks had already been dumped but the manuals were missing. As of the past week all the manuals have been scanned and posted on and some of the ATRs have been posted. There are some that are copy-protected and will need to be cracked before posting.

They are also asking for anyone that has more APX softwares or manuals to get in contact.

The complete list of titles that were made available are in the forum thread announcement, and all the new material can be found following the two links below.

Link: Forum announcement
Link: Atarimania’s Link 1 and Link 2

Author: Paulo Garcia

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