WinUAE 3.1.0 beta 3

– Bitplane DMA sequencer emulation rewritten yet again to again match better with real hardware behavior. DDFSTRT and DDFSTOP seems to use hidden counter that counts 4 cycles ahead of real hpos counter. When DDFSTRT matches, next 4 cycles appears to be idle (probably used to init and fill some bitplane dma sequencer shift register?) and after this delay DMA starts normally. Same for stop. Now programs that write to DDFSTRT or DDFSTOP just before, exactly in same cycle or just after it should match now just work without any extra hacks. (Some kind of 4 stage shift register would also explain why changing number of bitplanes by writing to BPLCON0 mid-line always take effect after exactly 4 cycle delay) Can break anything as usual! Correctly breaks SCX_CoolSpot1.adf’s intro on ECS Agnus configurations :)
– 512k chip + 512k slow ram + ECS Agnus chip mirroring didn’t set slow ram bank with “no memory allocated” flag, could have caused crashes when it was attempted to be freed.
– OCS Agnus 512k chip + 512k+ slow and 1M/0.5+0.5 advanced chipset checkbox checked: move slow ram start at $080000.
– 68000 bus error and address error exception stack frame’s first word undocumented bits 6 to 15 seem to contain opcode of faulted instruction. (from Hatari)
– IDE/ATAPI emulation decoupled from Gayle emulation and moved to separate source file.
– Added GVP A3001 board with IDE. Apparently Series I and II have different hardware and drivers. (v4 for Series II) Series I IDE emulation seems to be fully working. Non-DMA, gvpat.device, v3.3 added to ROM scanner. Does not byte swap data words but emulation swaps it automatically to keep HDFs compatible with other controllers.
– Added ES_SYSTEM_REQUIRED flag to SetThreadExecutionState(), perhaps it keeps screensaver inactive. (ES_DISPLAY_REQUIRED seems to only make sure monitor does not switch to power saving mode)
– HAM-E emulation added. Because HAM-E “magic cookie” can be nearly anywhere on screen, enabling HAM-E will slow down emulation (It needs to check nearly all pixels every frame) even when HAM-E mode is not active. “Automatic” setting still only does A2024 and Graffiti detection. DCTV emulation: not going happen without image encoding specs.

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