Super-rare Nintendo 'Stadium Events' bids went down from US$100,000 to US$32,000

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We reported few days ago that an eBay auction for this rare Nintendo game was already reaching US$100,000. It seems now more people will be able to go back in the game.

Gamespot reported today, and you can verify yourself, that the bids went down to *only* US$32,000. Also, the bids are now only opened to pre-approved bidders, which hints that the higher bids were fraudulent.

Gamespot also reached the seller, asking some questions, which we reproduce here:

You’ve had Stadium Events since the ’90s, so why sell now?

“Felt it was the right time to sell this item.”

Did you consider donating it to Nintendo for their archival purposes?

“I worked for Nintendo for 22 years and do not believe they have any interest in having this game…..they are welcome to bid on it if they do want it!”

How did you come to own this copy of Stadium Events?

“While working at Nintendo games are often available to employees at end of life cycles.

If US$100,000 was to expensive for you, maybe now you have another shot, eh!?

Source: Gamespot
Auction Link: eBay

Author: Paulo Garcia

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