Using QR-Code to transfer data from a BBC Micro

That’s an odd choice, but very interesting nonetheless. Thomas ten Cate decided to try to transfer his old programs from his beloved BBC Micro using QR-Code plotted on screen, and he reports his progress, problems and findings in a series of 6 articles on his personal blog.

As he explains, that “most QR codes are fairly small, as they contain just a web address or some such. But they can actually grow to the “Level 40” monster code of 177×177 squares, which can hold 2953 bytes of arbitrary binary data. That’s about 60 QR codes to transfer the contents of one floppy.”

Follow the link below to read the first article. He has already published all 6 parts, so just follow his links to read all the remaining ones.

Link: The Typethinker Blog

Author: Paulo Garcia

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