10 PRINT "BASIC Ten-Liners Contest 2015 is on!":GOTO 10

It was launched on AtariAge forum a new “BASIC Ten-Liners Contest”. If you are not an Atari guy/(gal?), don’t worry. This year the competition is way more open, both in terms of legal systems, as well as with regard to authorized BASIC dialects.

You can code your Ten-liner using your beloved Atari 8-Bit, Commodore 64, Commodore 128 and Schneider CPC. In terms of dialects, the organizers are accepting a fair variety of BASICs: Atari BASIC, Turbo BASIC XL, Altirra BASIC, OSS BASIC XE, OSS BASIC XL, Commodore BASIC V2, Simon’s BASIC (C64), Commodore BASIC 7.0 (C128), Locomotive BASIC 1.0 and Locomotive BASIC 1.1.

The deadline is on Saturday 04/11 at 9 pm (Central European Summer Time)

For more details, follow the link below:

Link: AtariAge

Author: Paulo Garcia

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