A TI-99/4A Internet Browser!

TI-99 Browser
Stuart Conner, one of Atari Age’s leading TI-99/4A experts has accomplished the impossible, creating an Internet Browser on the TI-99/4A!

The AtariAge user — Ω — (how should we pronounce that!?) has written a blog post showing details about this feat!

“Stuart was not content to just make a browser compatible with P-Box RS-232 cards, like every other communications program in existence for the TI. No, Stuart decided to think of the Nano-PEB users as well. As of this moment, Stuart’s Internet Browser is the ONLY communications program in the world that will work with the NANO-PEB. This awesome program works with both system configurations, and even supports multiple RS-232 cards.”

Read the full article following the link below.

Link: AtariAge Blogs

Author: Paulo Garcia

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    1. Lol, yeah. But when I see a single letter name like that I wonder if I should also say “underscore underscore underscore Omega underscore underscore underscore ” :)

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