Little Walker – Cute Platformer by Blake Fix

A classic platformer taken from 1986 the next universe over.

  • Pretty pixels
  • A whimsical retro soundtrack
  • 8+ large continuous area’s that go up, down, and all around.
  • Comical, cute and quirky characters.
  • Easy to understand, Challenging to master game-play!

The player’s actions are:

    • Arrow Keys: Turn left/right (In auto mode they are not required but available).
    • A very high variable jump (think Luigi, but not slippery); Z button.
    • Wall-kicks, Wall-jumps, (Whatever you wanna call ’em!) Z button.
    • Talk to NPC’s by overlapping them and pressing Z. Simple!
    • When hp hits 0, rapid tap Z to get back up, if you can.
    • Z is also used for things like:
      • Bouncing off a spring
      • Double Jumping
      • Waking him up with a slap

[youtube bdrpaZ31iog nolink]

Happy Adventurin’!


Enjoy Life, be kind to others.

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