Super Metroid Blasts Onto Commodore 64 Unofficially In Homebrew ‘Hyperion’

[youtube 7mi5ie55zGM nolink]

While Super Metroid may have been released many years after the Commodore 64, that doesn’t mean the classic computer should miss out on the action. Homebrew developers Georg Rottensteiner and Trevor Storey recently revealed their upcoming title Hyperion (due to be released by Psytronik Software and RGCD), which further proves console gaming can be had on the 8-bit system.

Starting out with a bang, the newly uploaded gameplay video of Hyperion shows off some incredible cutscene action, all accompanied by music which plays upon the familiar sound of Zebes and beyond. Although no game footage is shown, several screenshots of Hyperion’s gameplay are shown at the video’s end – all of which holding plenty of promise for retro gamers.

Due to be released later this year, we will keep you up to date ;)


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