Parcel number two has arrived!

Parcel number two has arrived, another big box of Commodore 64 goodness!
Opening the box my eyes light up, nostalgia rushing down my spine, I feel 8 years old again :)

What a lovely haul this time round with quite a few nice condition big boxed and double cased games. I now have probably too much work on my hands, as I mentioned in my previous post, these are all on the scanning pile for Commodore is Awesome website, have I took too much on? nahhh lol

Amongst the second box there was also a couple of Amiga games hiding.
Elite (top right corner of above picture) in excellent condition, 3D Construction Kit 2 (Complete with VHS Video!) and also an unboxed copy of Lotus Turbo Challenge 2.
C64 wise to name a few we have Super Space Invaders, Silkworm, Saboteur, Thalamus – The Hits 1986 – 1988 which contains the great Sanxion, Delta, Que-Dex, Hunter’s Moon, Hawkeye and the classic Armalyte, Super Sprint and also a few Ocean titles :)

One other thing that caught my eye was a Competition Pro Joystick but not your usual type. This is a ‘mini version’ of it’s big brother and fits in the palm of your hand very snugly, never seen these before, rare to me but I’m guessing they have been listed on ebay at one point or another.

All these games once scanned will be up for sale (The pup is not for sale!), but I will mention that quite a few of them have been reserved already! I haven’t even begun to start scanning these yet so it will be some time before they will be available. In the meantime feast your retro eyes on the pictures and see if you can find any well known titles :)

Enjoy Life, be kind to others.

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