Counts and Countesses, meet: "Castlevania – Spectral Interlude" for the ZX Spectrum

[youtube 5zVYfisnDys nolink]

As we reported few hours ago, Castlevania – Spectral Interlude was finally released on this “cursed” Friday 13th, including its own website!

As described on the game website “Castlevania: Spectral Interlude is an action-adventure platform game with elements of RPG. It merges well known elements of classic games with some new ideas. It tells a new story which tries to remain consistent with the canon of original franchise and explains why Belmonts disappeared for many years. It was originally envisioned as a “demake” of Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest but eventually turned into an original independent game for ZX Spectrum.”

If you cannot play it right now, how about a taste of it watching the gameplay video above!?

Link: Castlevania Spectral Interlude

Author: Paulo Garcia

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