Scene World #24 and Podcast #4

136508Scene World #24 and Podcast #4 (3D Realms) are out!

Double release this time!
Next to Scene World #24, they release their 4th Podcast with 3D Realms as guests!

  • Celebrating 30 years of Boulder Dash!
  • Interviews with Boulder Dash creator Peter Liepa and known fan Boulder Dash creators Schlonkel and Firefox!
  • Boulder Dash special diskcover by Ishita Mukherjee.
  • Tons of Meetings and Party and Retro reports!
  • Exclusive Skype Video interview with former designer of Commodore Japan designing the PET, VIC20 and C64: Yash Terakura!
  • Sceneworld also chat to the inventor of the Mobile Phone Marty Cooper, Computer Chronicles host Stuart Cheifet, Beta testing pioneer James Bach, Videogame composer Chris Huelsbeck. Videogame scorekeeper and Twin Galaxies founder Walter Day and many many more!
  • Also: Download their first 3-sides issue and watch the Skype video interviews, all on and

Source: Joerg Droege

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