The Centre for Computing History previews the ZX Spectrum Bluetooth keyboard


CCH curator, Jason Fitzpatrick, had the opportunity of spending the afternoon of 19 February with Rick Dickinson, industrial designer of the original ZX Spectrum, and Steve Wilcox, director of Elite Systems and the man behind the Spectrum BT keyboard. Based on the post linked below, he was very pleased with what he saw:

“It’s a really nice and generally faithful reproduction of the original speccy, from the overall aesthetics right to the feel of the ‘dead flesh’ keyboard! Rick even went so far as to suggest the action of the new keyboard is fractionally better than the original! Rick! How could you???”

Even before the ZX Spectrum VEGA, another modern attempt to revive the classic Speccy had its own successful Kickstarter campaign: Elite’s ZX Spectrum Bluetooth keyboard.

While the VEGA is a standalone game machine ready to play ZX Spectrum games, Elite has a completely different approach, developing a bluetooth keyboard that must be connected to an emulator running on iOS or selected Android devices.

It seems to me that they are in the right track, for the only problem with using emulators is that is hard to setup a good configuration to match modern keyboards with the unique keyboard the ZX Spectrum has. Also, using on-screen keyboards is always an experience far from ideal.

Link: CCH
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Author: Paulo Garcia

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