Retro Magazine Issue 6 – One year after crowdfunding campaign

Retro Magazine

It was sent to the printer the final Kickstarted year-one issue of Retro Magazine, which means the subscribers will be receiving it in their mailboxes very soon. The digital version is already available for download now.

The publisher, Mike Kennedy has sent this communication to the backers today, making clear the journey has just started:

“We have many plans for improvement, in both content and processes, and for scaling our growth moving into our second year and we hope you will all decide to continue along on this journey with us. After all, this is as much your magazine as it is ours. Without you this wouldn’t be happening at all. And that is also something to celebrate!”

He’s also inviting people to subscribe the magazine for its second year, with the issue #7 already in the making.

Link: Retro Magazine

Author: Paulo Garcia

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