Commodore 64 version of 'The Sword of Fargoal' cracked by Hokuto Force


Hokuto Force has released yesterday a new cracked version of ‘The Sword of Fargoal’, a dungeon crawler created by Jeff McCord and released by Epyx in 1982.

Sword of Fargoal is noteworthy for being one of the first microcomputer games to introduce elements later used by so-called roguelike games, such as dungeons that are randomly generated for each session of play, and the 1996 anniversary issue of Computer Gaming World listed the game as #147 on the “Top 150 Best Video Games of All Time” (Wikipedia).

The game also got its modern take with ‘Sword of Fargoal Legends‘ for Mac and iOS devices.

Sword of Fargoal is notorious within C64 fandom as being extremely difficult to win, so how about get this cracked version to get a little help to beat the game!?

Link: CSDb
Source: Commodore is Awesome

Author: Paulo Garcia

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