Commodore 64 Sundays is Back – Lords of Midnight

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In this video “Zerfall” takes a look at Lords of Midnight, game 76 of the lemon 64 top 100 (as of August 31st 2014). Zerfall mentions that he has played this campaign all the way though, but not in this video, however you can have a good idea how the game works with the video up on YouTube.

Published by Beyond Software and made by Mike Singleton, Antony Taglione and Malcolm Hallon in 1985 for the ZX Spectrum and ported to the C64 in 1986 Lords of Midnight is a First Person RPG Strategy game where you start with just 4 guys (Luxor, Morkin, Corleth and Rothron) setting out to stop the armies of Doomdark from taking over the lands.

You can recruit other lords and men to follow them as you prepare to defend the south or assault the north. A quick but dangerous way to beat the game is to send Morkin to the Tower of Doom to capture and destroy the Ice Crown, the source of Doomdark’s power!

Source: Reddit

Author: Paulo Garcia

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