Pentacorn Quest

mRT37k0Recently released, comes Pentacorn Quest, an Adventure/Platformer for the ZX Spectrum created using the popular La Churrera (The Mojon Twins) In the game, you need to collect five golden acorns distributed by the large mapping and deliver to the magical sanctuary, so you can cross an ancient door that will lead to … well, creators would prefer us not to reveal everything and let you discover yourselves.eToGXn8Pentacorn Quest will run on the Sinclair Spectrum 128k or any Spectrum emulator. We recommend the paid version of Spectaculator, but there’s also other free Emulators you can use too. Congratulations to everyone involved in this Speccy Homebrew Masterpiece. You can read the direct thread discussion from the World of spectrum forums.

Game Design: José Ignacio Rodríguez (Nightwolf)
Graphics: Jarlaxe
Music and Audio: John McKlain
Implementation of Arkos Player: Syx
Betatesters: Metr, gg

[youtube glR0hmok3a0 nolink]

Download: Pentacorn 1_0.rar

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