Multimatograf 11 – Demoparty in Russia on April 24-26

Multimatograf 2014
Multimatograf 2014

Multimatograf 11 is a multi-format demoparty running from April 24-26 in Vologda, Russia and remote entries are more than welcome!

There will be several different categories that you can participate: 8bit Music, 8bit intro 256b, 8bit Demo, and much more. In order to participate, your demo has to on one of the following available hardware:

  • ZX-Evolution + NeoGS
  • Commodore C64 + FDD 1541II
  • Atari 65XE
  • Yamaha YIS-503IIIR (MSX2) + FDD + IDE
  • BK-0011M
  • Schneider EuroPC (i8088)

The organiser asks for the participant to contact them in case you need some other hardware, which they will try to accommodate, if possible. The link below contains all rules and categories, in English.

Link: Multimatograf 11

Author: Paulo Garcia

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