New Game 'Yars Revenge' for the ZX Spectrum

Yars’ Revenge was created by Howard Scott Warshaw and first released for the Atari 2600 in 1982. Now, the ZX Spectrum owners can also can enjoy it (It is never too late!).

Created by Luca Bordoni, the ZX Spectrum version is very well done, with nice graphics and very fast paced gameplay. I found a few problems with collision detection, when I died even without touching the enemies. I guess they are character based, and I collided with the character even itself, not with its visible part. That is a minor problem that doesn’t take away the fun and challenge of the game though.

You can download the files, with tape cover and instructions included right here, in our download section.

Link: ViTNO ZX Spectrum Games

Author: Paulo Garcia

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