On the Farm +34D [crazy hack]

136988You are a sheep who has just escaped from his pen and is running riot around various fields on the farm. Help your sheep chomp on all of Farmer Dave’s crops, which will advance you on to the next level. Avoid colliding into the animals – 3 strikes and you’re out. You can jump on the animals to score points, but watch out for Farmer Dave (Yellow) and his working farmers. You can’t jump on him or his colleagues, otherwise you get caught and a life is lost. Watch out for those magic mushrooms. If you let your sheep eat one, it will go high, and a life will be lost. You will also be against the clock. Good luck sheep.

Remember – the original game is always there and you don’t have to press anything if you don’t want any of the features – which is a little different than the usual trainers that only give you options before it decrunches and then you are stuck with your decisions. More accessibility for the player and much more fun overall :)

Download: ONTHEFARM+34D.zip
Website: C64endings, Hackersoft

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