New version of 'Altirra' Atari Emulator has been released

Altirra Emulator

The version 2.60 of the Atari emulator Altirra has been released.

These are the main feaures/changes since 2.50 (from the Atariage forum thread):

  • UI: New full-screen UI (double click on the left side), new device tree UI, new firmware image UI, and improved high DPI support. Support for rotating disk images between drives and quick-cycling input maps from the keyboard.
  • Display: Vertical overscan can now be controlled independently, full screen mode is saved, improved quality of NTSC antialiasing modes, and improved vsync lock when running in windowed mode.
  • Firmware: Many bug fixes to built-in OS and BASIC.
  • Devices: New device infrastructure allowing for much better device extensibility internally. Added emulation support for BlackBox, MIO, SX212 modem, MidiMate, clock devices, and 820 printer. Enhanced 1030 modem emulation support with full software T: handler and bootstrap support. Added new Additions disk containing supporting software. Extended write support to more disk image formats.
  • Emulation: NTSC-50/PAL-60 support, more realistic power-on DRAM patterns, CPU/ANTIC/POKEY/GTIA emulation fixes, HLE acceleration fixes. HLE devices like H: can now be hot-added or removed without requiring a system reset.
  • Debugger: Added one-shot breakpoints, return tracepoints, temporary variables, new memory randomization modes to detect uninitialized memory access bugs, and new BASIC commands.

Link: Altirra Website

Author: Paulo Garcia

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