WinUAE 3.1.0 beta 13

mywinuaeWinUAE 3100b13 has been released, but before I post below the usual details about what’s new on the latest beta by Toni, I thought I would take a little bit of a time out to have a chat about WinUAE and Amiga emulation.

After Amiga (sniff) people had started to move on to pc’s as their main computer. I bought my first pc computer around 1999. Pentium 3, 500mhz with a 20GB hard drive and a Voodoo 2 graphics card, this pc was a beast, well at the time it was lol

Why did I leave the Amiga and move onto pc? One word, Emulation, yes emulation pushed me over to the darkside. My friend had a pc and I asked him why did he buy this and why would he desert his beloved Amiga computer for this horrible beige tower box with clearly no characteristics or soul? He booted it up, loaded something called ‘Magic Engine‘, selected PC Genjin from a huge list of games. There was my answer. This hideous beige box was running a PC Engine game at full speed with joystick controls to boot, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I paid a lot of money for my PC Engine from Virgin Megastore in London and here it was being emulated on something that looked like a dodgy toaster from the 70’s!

‘Oh also, check this out’ he said loading up Vigilante, Doreamon, Batman, Fantasy Zone, Ninja Warriors and more, games I was paying at the time at least £50 plus for, I couldn’t believe it.
‘So you get these games for FREE?’ A quick flick over to ‘Dave’s Video Game Classics‘ website and there they were and then some, Snes, Megadrive, NES, Atari, Gameboy, Commodore 64 and what would you know Amiga too!
Looking on his desktop he had lots of Icon shortcuts of various emulators all there ready to play your favourite game, I was hooked.

WinUAE was around in 1998 but it was pretty unplayable to be honest, I could get it to run but it wasn’t anything like it is today, the best I could get out of it was a half stretched screen although the game did load but getting the controls to work with it was something of a mission. But this was the start of something special, and in time this would turn out to be one of, if not the best Amiga emulator ever made.

Look at what Toni has achieved since those days, WinUAE is simply awesome, it’s so close to perfect Amiga emulation it’s unreal! WinUAE now emulates OS4, will run happily along with Classic Workbench and WHDLoad so you can have a lovely Classic Amiga Hard Drive environment. Pretty much any classic Amiga game or demo from back in the day will run almost always perfectly on it. Lot’s of good things have spawned from WinUAE too. FS-UAE another emulator based on WinUAE with a full GUI which you can control completely from your joypad! Amiga Forever, a lovely Amiga package that is based on WinUAE emulation.

If you ever read this Toni, hat’s off to you my friend you have made something truly wonderful :)
The latest beta info of WinUAE is available here and you can download it from the link below, have fun!

Release Notes:

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