Gubbdata 2015 – C64 Demo Party Results


Gubbdata 2015 Demo Party happened last weekend, and now the official C64 results are available. You can check all entries and their score following the link below, but here are the highlights:

C64 Demo:
1 – Requiem by Vision.
2 – Stereophonik [2sid] by Mahoney.
3 – The Butterfly Effect by Offence.

C64 Music:
1 – Amen, Bigbeat Brother! by Jammer.
2 – Northern Star by Dane.
3 – Obsession by Flex.

C64 Graphics:
1 – Disconnect by Joe.
2 – Dragonslayer by Mermaid.
3 – Beetlephant by redcrab.

Source: Nightfall Crew
Link: CSDb

Author: Paulo Garcia

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