UltimateApple2 and ReactiveMicro refine the No-Slot Clock for the Apple II

2RTm9SVA2Central has published an article about their impressions of some new products from UltimateApple2 and ReactiveMicro, an NSC successor that is slimmer than the original No-Slot Clock and features a user replaceable coin cell battery.

About the original NSC, it was explained that “…No Apple II (prior to the IIGS) had a built-in clock. (…) All alternatives at the time were boards installed in one of the expansion slots (…) You could install the NSC into just about any other 28-pin ROM socket, piggyback the ROM into the NSC, patch your ProDOS and viola’ — your Apple II could tell the time…”

The new and improved NSC is still being developed, and there is no price defined yet.

Link: A2Central

Author: Paulo Garcia

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