Amiga Games Inc. no longer distributing classic Amiga Games

According to Amiga-News website, since September 2012 Amiga Inc. and later on Amiga Games Inc. have been distributing classic Amiga games in Blackberry’s App Store. At the start of the project, “more then 300 titles” were promised, plans to support various mobile platforms were announced.

By now, nearly all Amiga titles have been removed from the App Store: just a few days ago, there were still several dozen games available – but right now, only Impossamole is for sale. The reason for this change is currently unknown, though the timing – right at the beginning of a new month – might be an indication that Amiga has to fulfill contractual obligations.

Back in February, Michael Battilana from Cloanto had revealed, that Amiga Inc. do no longer own any rights to Kickstart or Workbench and that they had to obtain a license from Cloanto for their activities on the Blackberry platform.


Author: Paulo Garcia

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