Street Fist 2 – Greenlit!

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It is the year 1993. Retro City is locked in the grip of a crime wave, shrouded in the shadow of the mysterious Dr. Bip. Players must take the fight to streets, alone or with a partner, smashing their way through 8 action-packed levels full of dangerous thugs, crazed adversaries, and Dr Bip’s personal army. You alone can restore peace, order and justice to the City. Street Fist 2 is a side-scrolling Beat-Em-Up, inspired by the 90’s classics, with a modern comic book style.


  • Fast Paced, Brutal, combo-based fight mechanics
  • Build your combo’s to unlock bigger and badder special attacks
  • Play Locally with your Friends
  • 90’s inspired gameplay and soundtrack
  • Modern comic book inspired visuals
  • Choose from 3 characters, each with a different, unique play style
  • Fight across 8 action packed levels, from city slums, to tropical islands
  • Defeat Dr.Bip’s loyal and powerful Generals

Release date: Q3 2015
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