Let's Play with the Oliver Twins!

0136The Oliver Twins are two British brothers, Philip and Andrew Oliver known for their work as video game developers. They began to professionally develop computer games while they were still at school, contributing their first type-in game to a magazine in 1983. They worked with publishers Codemasters for a number of years following their first collaboration Super Robin Hood, most notably creating the Dizzy series of games. At one point during the 1980s it was reported that 7% of all UK games sales were attributable to the Oliver Twins. In 1990 they founded Interactive Studios which later became Blitz Games Studios.

The twins have created their own YouTube Channel which has been up for around two months now and we stumbled upon it just recently and was very pleased to see some ‘Let’s Play’ videos (currently at writing there are nine so far) with commentary by the brothers. So if you have a love for all things Dizzy and other games by the brothers, check out the links below!

YouTube Channel: The Oliver Twins
Website: http://www.olivertwins.com

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