BBC Podcast – Programming Languages that Changed the World

BBC has published a 5-episode podcast to discuss the computer languages that had (or still have) great impact in the computer industry – Codes that Changed the World. Each one of the first four episodes cover the languages FORTRAN, COBOL, BASIC, and Java, with a fifth episode discussing how so many different languages are able to coexist.

As excepted we ought to ask, like everybody else, “why language [put_a_language_name_here] is not covered in a specific episode?” The language that comes to my mind is C, which is probably more relevant than FORTRAN, due to its origin and broad usage. However, questions like that won’t take away the great value of this podcast as a great way to learn about the computer languages that helped to shape the computer industry as we know today.

It is also worth to read the article from which I based this post, at Apple II Bits Blog, which complements with more information about BASIC, and some other personal opinions from the article’s author.

Link: BBC
Source: Apple II Bits

Author: Paulo Garcia

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