Aviator Arcade II Preview

An unknown militarized terrorist unit, known as the X-Force, has occupied the peaceful city of Suburbia. As the top pilot in the world’s anti-terrorist squad the job of defeating the terrorists falls to you! Flying your state of the art attack helicopter you are sent into what seems to be a straight forward seek-and-destroy mission – but as the story unfolds it will become apparent that the X-Force’s goal is more sinister than anyone could have imagined. Grab your joystick, save the world, and see if you can get that all-time high score!

The initial version of AVIATOR ARCADE was released last year as a three-level, 16KB cartridge game for the RGCD annual C64 game development competition (2014). This currently in-development sequel is a direct response to the feedback received after the first game was released, and this preview version of AVIATOR ARCADE II features:

  • High paced 50/60 FPS SHMUP action!
  • The first three of ten planned levels!
  • All new background and sprite graphics!
  • Bosses at the end of each level!
  • Weapon and armour power-ups!
  • Three difficulty levels, auto-fire and more options!
  • Upgraded sound and bomb effects!
  • High score list and options saved to disk!
  • PAL/NTSC and GS compatibility!

When finished, RGCD hope that AVIATOR ARCADE II will be one of the best vertical shoot-em-up games available for the Commodore 64, offering players a console quality arcade experience on the humble 8-Bit home computer.

[vsw id=”T9jivnHYW9U” source=”youtube” width=”525″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]
Download Preview: aviator2.d64
Download Aviator Arcade [16kb cartridge]: aviator16k.crt
Genesis Project Crack Version: AviatorArcade2Prv+2-GP.d64
News Source: https://www.facebook.com/rgcd.co.uk
Official Game Website: http://rgcddev.itch.io/aviator-arcade-ii
Website: http://www.rgcd.co.uk

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