Sam's Journey – 8Bit Platform Action in Development!

image-000011-sam-runningBack in April we reported about the awesome new C64 platformer in the making called ‘Sam’s Journey. The most anticipated C64 Platform/Adventure game of 2015 with gorgeous graphics and gameplay similar to that of Creatures and Mayhem in Monsterland and we will certainly be following this game very closely as it progresses, bringing you (hopefully) weekly updates here for you on Vitno/CiA. Definitely a game we will be purchasing in the future!
We have a small bit of News for you about the game. Seems that cute little Sam now has some new moves! image-000017-sam-climbing-and-swimmingSam can grab structures suitable for climbing such as vines that he finds in the forest. This helps him reach platforms at great heights. Also, Sam can swim, and he is even a free diver! This enables him to explore the depths of the underwater passages that he encounters on his journey.

Release Date: TBA

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