Andy Little imagines a sequel to Gods


Before you wet your pants in excitement, this is not a game in any shape or form and unlikely to ever be one. This is Concept Pixel Art by Andy Little over at
Here’s some words from the talented artist himself..

Long time lay this work.. And finally I finished it.

Let’s imagine that we have the second part of the legendary game – “GODS
At the time it was an amazing hit which I passed by several times and it strongly etched into my mind. So I could not resist to try it to change something :)
I used/recombined some little sprites from the original – don`t find fault, it`s all just for fun :)

What amazing pixel work eh :) Maybe one of you talented people/coders out there could convince Andy to make this into a real game? We won’t hold our breath, I think he purely pixels for his own enjoyment and nothing more.

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