'ARC-AID' event being held in Cambridge, UK on June 13th

The Centre for Computing History in Cambridge will be holding the ‘Arc-Aid: Cambridge’ event on Saturday 13th June, with the aim of bringing together members of the online arcade community to repair and restore some of the museum’s arcade machines.

Engineers from across the country will gather to open arcade cabinets, extract circuit boards, solder, prod and probe until the dulcet tones of arcade machines springing back to life fill the museum (waka-waka-waka!). Arcade-centric talks will be held throughout the day and there’ll also be a special PCB workshop session for arcade community members. This will offer opportunities for practical knowledge exchange and members are invited to bring their own faulty games. Visitors to the museum will be able to view restoration work in progress and experience a selection of awesome arcade and pinball machines!

Link: Centre for Computing History
Source: Retro Computing News

Author: Paulo Garcia

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