The Game – Homebrew Platformer Fun On The Amiga & CD32!

‘The Game’ is an Amiga homebrew platformer made with AMOS Pro by jayminer.
Heavily inspired by You Have to Win the Game, Jay mentions that this was something he made a couple of years ago, but thought it was time to release it to the public.

Quote from the forum thread
‘I consider this a version 0.9 of the game but I’m not sure I will ever do any more work on it, even if it’s very nearly complete. The game can be finished, it’s mostly polish that’s missing.
If you play the game and encounter any serious bugs, please let me know and perhaps they will get fixed.’

You can contact jay on the EAB Forums (see link below)

Download: TheGame0.94.lha
Download CD32 Version:
Forum Thread:
More Screens & Official Website:

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