Equality Arcade Puzzler by Scoopex

Equality_Amigav1_002Equality was originally written under PC-DOS by Jean-Michel Martin Santero then adapted by Bruno Ethvignot. An earlier version had been developed on the Amiga in 1991, but unfortunately was never finalised. This version was very different, but deemed too complex by many. Equality was programmed in machine language MC68000 with Devpac assembler and runs on Amiga OCS and 512 KB of RAM. Now thanks to DLFRsilver, Scoopex & Galahad, we now have a fully playable version, complete with a nifty cracktro :)Equality_Amigav1_001Equality_Amigav1_005

[youtube E8xydkB84J4 nolink]

Download: Equality_Amigav1.0.adf.zip
Download Cracktro: http://www.pouet.net
EAB Forum Thread: http://eab.abime.net
Scoopex Website: http://scoopex1988.org

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