Back to Ziridium, Clorodino, Last Mission 5, Major Ducth – New Commodore 64 Games by Roberto Ricioppo

Back_to_Ziridium_GAMEEBack to Ziridium
Roberto Ricioppo delivers a new ZX Speccy look game for the Commodore 64 called ‘Back to Ziridium’. It is a vertical scrolling shoot ’em up, which uses a familiar form of attack formations. Guide your ship through each zone, battling against the alien forces, and avoid your ship from becoming fried too much, otherwise it won’t be rebuilt and game is over :)
A wild west game in which you must shoot down the bad guys, and survive for as long as you can.Last_Mission_5_GameLast Mission 5
Last Mission 5 is a game which involves shooting enemy space ships to their own doom.
Major_Ducth_GameMajor Ducth
Not pretty sure what this game is all about, but to me it looks like a sort of driving and shoot ’em up.

You can download all the above games and more over at

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