Insert Disk 2 – Instant Remedy Album Now Available!

insert_disk_2Good things come to those who wait – and in this case, the wait has been really long! After more than seven years in the making, We are happy to announce that the new Instant Remedy album “Insert Disk 2” is finally available to purchase from Dutch label 010101 Music. Featuring 76+ minutes of remixed music from the Commodore Amiga era, the album was expertly mastered by Holger Lagerfeldt. “Insert Disk 2” is available as a digipak and on a variety of download platforms. Check out the tracklist below:

01. Battle Squadron “Ingame” (Klaren)
02. Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 (Leitch)
03. Paranoimia Cracktro “Ready” (Cage)
04. Seven Gates of Jambala (Hippel)
05. Jochen Hippel Megamix (Hippel)
06. Lost Patrol (Glaister)
07. Project X (Brimble)
08. Chris Huelsbeck Megamix (Huelsbeck)
09. Battle Squadron “Game Over” (Klaren)
10. Full Contact (Brimble)
11. Turrican “The Tower” (Huelsbeck)
12. Pinball Dreams “Nightmare” (Gustafsson)

[youtube KUSIRBJ7mOw nolink]

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