New Open Source Online Multiplayer 'Bomberman'

bomb-boy-online Richard “Photonstorm” Davey let us know today about this new impressive ‘Bomberman’ clone – ‘Bomb Boy Online’. The game is written in Javascript by Phaser forum user druphoria, using Davey’s game engine Phaser.

The game can be played directly on your browser, and it contains a lobby where you can host/join games. Up to 8 games can be in session at the same time.

The developer explains:

“Since I always loved playing bomberman as a kid, I decided to make an online multiplayer clone of the game using Phaser. I’ve called it “Bomb Boy Online” but it pretty much plays like the classic bomberman games. (Druphoria)”
bomb-boy-online2As Bomberman, you walk around, place bombs, and try to blow up the other players. You can get various powerups that can increase the blast radius of your bombs, the number of bombs you can hold, and your speed.

Link: Game Link
Source Code: GitHub

Author: Paulo Garcia

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