COMPLICA DX – Exciting New Connect 4 Variant for the ZX Spectrum!

312uyxtWe have a real treat for all you Spectrum Owners out there! COMPLICA DX (by Einar Saukas, Dave Hughes and Yerzmyey) is a fantastic new colourful Arcade style puzzler.
Take Connect 4 and give it a twist and you end up with COMPLICA DX! WARNING, this game is Extremely addictive and will have you pulling your hair out, you have be warned! :)

  • Play COMPLICA, the most exciting variant of classic CONNECT-4!
  • Some of the best graphics and songs for the ZX-Spectrum ever! Amazing visual design by Dave “R-Tape” Hughes! Awesome soundtrack by Yerzmyey!
  • Customized version of BIFROST* ENGINE powering graphics and animations in multicolor 8×1, compatible with all official ZX-Spectrum models!
  • Huge game content for a ZX-Spectrum game (packing 12K of 100% Assembly code, 61K of standard and multicolor graphics, 12K of AY music) in 48K only!
  • The smartest computer opponent ever! Play against BRAINIAC (TM), an Artificial Intelligence algorithm implemented as recursive Minimax strategy with alpha-beta pruning, highly optimized for Z80 registers allocation, using heuristic evaluation and arbitrary recursion depth, multi-tasked in background from machine state controlled multicolor animated graphics… Yes, the A.I. really is as strong as it sounds!
  • Full source code available!
  • Countless hours of entertainment!s2fgir29f5ctj

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