Scene World Podcast #9 is out! Dave Lowe AKA Uncle Art and his daughter Holly!!

Scene World SWOExactly one year ago, on July 6th 2014, we started our podcast, exactly today 1 year later, July, 6th 2015, we present no#9! This time with a famous and high profile video game composer again! Dave Lowe AKA Uncle Art and his daughter Holly!

Listen to this awesome podcast episode at Podcast Episode #9 – Uncle Art: Dave Lowe and Holly Jazz Lowe and make sure you also back their Kickstarter campaign in which he releases his old classics via an orchestra and even more!

If you had a home computer back in the 80s and 90s or a videogame console, you have heard music from him as well! He did music for all the classics aka Elite II; Power Drift, Street Fighter II, After Burner, Buggy Blast, Star Glider, Thrust, etc etc!

Author: Joerg Droege

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