Petro T. Tyschtschenko Announces the Sale of his Commodore Collection

11694027_10207050829293575_1318708185353530993_nQuote from Petro on his Facebook Page:

It is time to say good bye.. nearly getting 73 years old…I would like to liquidate my Amiga Commodore collection until end of the year. Are someone interested to buy the whole collection? Museum or Amiga Club or potential collector? Beside a lot of unique items from my time between 1982 and 2001 I have following: Amiga Walker Prototype unique 1996, PET 2001 from 1977, SX 64 from 1984, A 1000 from 1985, CD32 from 1993, A1200 Magic Pack from 1992, A500 from 1987, C64 from 1982, C116 from 1984, C128 from 1985, VC 20 from 1981. Serious, potential collectors which are interested in buying can write to me via: and make an offer. Best regards Petro Tyschtschenko.


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