Review: 'DIVMMC ENJOY!' – SD Card Interface for Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Retro Computing News has published a review about ‘DIVMMC ENJOY!’, a SD Card Interface for the ZX Spectrum that also has a very handy joystick interface with Kempston compatible, one of the most popular options for Sinclair Spectrum computers.

“…This may all sound a little complicated, but in fact the typical user is most likely just going to want to copy loads of games in .TAP format, typically from online sources such as World of Spectrum, onto an SD card using their PC or Mac, pop it into the DivMMC EnJOY! and, having set the jumper configuration for their particular model of ZX Spectrum, plug it into the expansion conector, turn the Speccy’s power on and start playing straight away!…”

To read the excellent full review, head over Retro Computing News website, following the link below.

Link: Retro Computing News

Author: Paulo Garcia

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