Transparent Commodore 64 with some very impressive LED Modding!

11754749_1611947702414044_1268513324839845418_oWay back in March, we announced that Dallas Moore’s Commodore 64C Computer Housing Kickstarter Project was funded and I’m sure by now you have all received your lovely new cases :) I also mentioned in the same post that it will be very interesting to see the mods that start appearing when people get hold of these cases, especially for the transparent version.

I was browsing YouTube and came across war64burnout’s retro channel and amongst all the other interesting videos he has to offer, a couple of specific videos caught my attention. 

[youtube NYM3IQinoa0 nolink]

[youtube G8SZPH22wHo nolink]

war64burnout is (more than likely) the very first person to put together a transparent Commodore 64 with some very impressive LED Modding, synced in time to Sidtastic tunes! Let’s hope other sceners follow suit and we get to see more like this :)


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