An Evening At The Museum June 2015: Chris Huelsbeck: Director's Cut!

Scene World SWOScene World Magazine and Olymptronica host every last Wednesday between June 2015 and January 2016 at 8 PM CESST a Live Twitch show as a part of the exhibition : “Film & Games – An Interplay”. At The Frankfurt Film Museum.

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Last month’s guest was famous Chris Huelsbeck!

[youtube q16ee0NETwE nolink]

This is the director’s cut, which is done with the help of a 2nd camera that was in the room that shows some stuff that happened behind the scenes, like why the stream crashed after 15 mins, how Chris knew that Giana Sisters will be featured in the exhibition and finally you can understand all the parts previously not understandable due to an error with the music!

Next months guest will be oldschool organizer at big demoscene parties like Revision, Assembly or TUM; Peter ‘Franky’ Smets!

Author: Joerg Droege

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