In Brazil, Sega still beats Nintendo in a long-lasting console war.

Although Brazil has a ever growing gaming community playing the latest PS4 and XBox ONE titles, due to its large population with (much) lower income, a local company called TecToy still sells thousands of Sega Master System consoles, after 30 years it was first released!

Atlas Obscura website has published an interesting article telling how Sega beats Nintendo using such old technology, with new clothes. TecToy licenses Sega console, selling it as “Master System 3” bundled with 130 games, and no cartridge slots.

TecToy took the product so seriously that, back in 1997, it succeeded in getting Street Fighter II ported to the Master System, a task never imagined before.

[youtube 97uaJrUmzho nolink]

To read the full article, head over Atlas Obscura website following the link below.

Link: Atlas Obscura

Author: Paulo Garcia

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