SEEP Universe Now Available to Buy on Steam!

ss_39207bc36b0cbcca95e4d474c052286c793394eb.600x338Back in March we reported about an upcoming action-platform game called SEEP Universe. Today we are excited to announce that SEEP Universe is now available to purchase on the Steam Website for £8.99.

SEEP Universe allows the exploration of four bizarre planets, inspired by retro games.
Run, Jump and battle enemies through more than 20 stages for a 100% retro feeling. This is the game you have always dreamed of from the 16 bit era!

The battles against the bosses change the rules of the game. For example, in the first world you’ll need to run away with a SEEP car from a huge boss. This makes the game experience varied and intriguing! You can also collect the SEEP Coins to unlock many secrets in the SEEPedia gallery.

[youtube B270y5qMbFc nolink]

Buy SEEP Universe:
Official Website:

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