Philippe Lang’s New A1200 Housings, Campaign Update & Bonuses!

scoopex2The New Amiga 1200 cases Kickstarter campaign ends in 13 days !

As of today, this campaign has reached 38% of its €125,000 goal.


Campaign Goal:

Maybe some of you don’t know yet why this goal is set so high, so please allow us to summarize it here:

  • To manufacture new Amiga 1200 cases, we need to build plastic injection molds.
  • The Amiga 1200 case need 3 molds (1x top case, 1x bottom case, 1x for parts)
  • These molds are very expensive (like very, very!), around 90K Eur.

That’s why the goal is set so high, there isn’t much we can do about that.

Latest Updates

  • Brian Bignall has added his awesome book Commodore: The amiga years, to the bonuses list !
  • Another great demoscene group has joined us: SCOOPEX !

With these awesome guys Philippe has designed a very Special Edition SCOOPEX Housing!

The cases now also have some extra mounts to support the Raspberry Pi.
Pi users can install their device in the Amiga 1200 cases as well and same goes for the Keyrah USB keyboard controller.

  • A New SCOOPEX Special Edition is available!
  • Commodore: The Amiga Years, available in most of the case pledges at no extra cost!
  • Raspberry Pi & Keyrah USB keyboard controller mounts available!

updatesscoopexbookKickstarter Page:

Official Website:
Scoopex Website:

Enjoy Life, be kind to others.

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