Philippe Lang’s New A1200 Housings – Raspberry Pi/Pi2 and MiST FPGA are now Supported!

A quick update from Philippe Lang

Dear Backers,
Through our last update you already knew that we’ve added support for the Raspberry Pi and Pi2 boards within our 1200 case.908f143f22c32e1960bfde7c49170cbf_originalWe’d like to announce that the case is supporting Till Harbaum’s MiST board as well ;)

Till confirmed us that all buttons on the board can be activated from the keyboard, and the reset button is a simple power cycle. So we definitively added mounts for this awesome board within our case! Spread the word ;)aa21084583fd3010b505b52f032f0dd2_originalCLICK HERE TO SUPPORT THE AMIGA 1200 CASE CAMPAIGN!

Official Website:

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