Unreleased Amiga game, Mutant League Hockey by Ocean Software

SCX_MUTANTLEAGUEHOCKEYDISK1_002We have some fantastic News for all Amiga fans! Mutant League Hockey an unreleased Amiga game by Ocean software has been found and is now available for download! Originally planned for release in the final quarter of 1994 for the Amiga 500/600 and Amiga 1200, the game was shelved due to the demise of Commodore. Today you can download it here on Commodore is Awesome/Vintage is the New Old!

Big shout out to Darkblade of TZT who sourced and supplied the game, Galahad (Fairlight/Scoopex) who cracked the game with a new oldschool intro, and a massive thanks to Getafix (CMAP) for heads up on all game information and release News! You can read the magazine review and download the game from the link below!
Download CD32 Version: Mutant-League-Hockey-CD32.zip
Cover: mutant_league_hockey.jpg
Game Advert and Review Scans: 34, 35
Forum Discussion: http://eab.abime.net

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3 thoughts on “Unreleased Amiga game, Mutant League Hockey by Ocean Software

  1. Very cool. I will play this today in the evening. Sadly i can not play it on any of my A500 or A600 Amigas, because only a AGA-release is out now. Maybe there will come a OCS/ECS version too?

  2. Not a bad game and nice graphics. But the playability is not so good like for example in “Speedball 2”. Nevertheless, it`s always very cool, when an unreleased game made it to the public.

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